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Featured AAPoker is back!

Discussion in 'Main Poker Forum' started by Mariya, May 30, 2019.

  1. Mariya

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    New AAPoker room is back and will surprise you with new deals.

    About the room

    AAPoker is the Asian social poker platform, where you can find lots of recreational players. There is very good traffic not only on NL Hold`em tables, but also on PLO, OFC, Pineapple and many more! Traffic peaks during South Korean and Chinese evenings and weekends.

    All of the fishy players and a big part of the Asian "regulars" play without additional software, so you can use this as a huge advantage over them.

    As the room is mostly popular in South Korea and China, the games run at KST (Korean Standard Time). This makes it pretty attractive for people living in Europe, because the biggest traffic matches the European afternoons and early evenings. Main game is between 13:00 and 21:00 CET.

    The deal

    Now you can take advantage of new deals and promotions in the poker room. Here is how the deal looks like: if you make your registration through Grinders.org with agent code “grinders” you get:

    - VIP Program with FLAT rakeback, paid directly from the room in your account. If you register through Grinders.org you will be directly boosted to 30%!
    - Up to 10% Exclusive Grinders rake chase

    Keep in mind you have to choose between two options: to have flat 30% rakeback or grind the VIP levels and receive rakeback according to the level you have reached. The 30% Grinders rakeback IS NOT ADDITIONAL to the VIP program rakeback. You can have one of the two options. If you choose to be on the 30% rakeback and later in time you reach Gold or Platinum levels of the VIP program you have to contact us in order to change your status from 30% boost to VIP program rakeback player.

    All players with old accounts in AAPoker/Fulpot need to contact us to activate their new accounts in the poker room.

    If you have any questions about deposits and withdraws, don`t hesitate to contact us at e-mail: grindsupp@gmail.com!

    The room has very good application for Android and iOS, thus expanding the number of fish on its tables.

    All of the games at AAPoker are very soft, so we definitely recommend you to try it!


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